Searching for items written or published by AIFS

There is no single tag to identify all AIFS works in the library catalogue.

Specific author? Search on a researcher's name using the "author" field (such as jennifer baxter)(or type au=baxter jennifer in a general keyword search)

Specific project? Search on the project name in the "subject" field (such as Child Care Package evaluation, or Ten to Men)

Specific topic? Use the Advanced Search to search for your topic (as a subject) and the Institute of Family Studies as a keyword phrase. Note, this search won’t include our journal articles by external authors.

Reports published by AIFS? Search on the Institute as the publisher using the drop down index or the "pb" code. You may wish to include AIFS as an author too, to include reports published by a client. For example: pb=institute of family studies or au=institute of family studies

Articles by AIFS researchers? Use the "bio-history-note" code to search on affiliation, and limit to "journal article". For example, bio-history-note,phr=institute of family studies Note, this will retrieve both external journals and internal AIFS journals like Family Matters.

Articles published by AIFS? This is more tricky, as we've had many journals over the years. To find articles, search on individual journal titles in the title field, such as Family Matters or ACSSA Aware, and limit to "journal article". To get a list of titles, search on the Institute as the publisher, and limit to "journal series".

Note, we only added “Australian” to our name in June 1986! Before then, we were the Institute of Family Studies Australia. There are also American and Austrian institutes of family studies. You could either disregard these when you browse, or search on both of our names.

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